Wherein I bitch and moan. But just a little.

It's me!
Remember me?

It's been a crazy fall around here, although I couldn't tell you what's really been going on. Nothing much, which is why I haven't been posting. The kids are both awesome. Ben's walking (walking!) And Claire started ballet lessons. She's the cutest ballerina ever, IMHO. She loves it, and will show off her skills whenever she can (so far, first position, arabesque and "ballerina walking".)

I wish I could say something about myself, but I find myself going through the motions a lot of the time. Claire isn't sleeping well at night again, which means I'm not sleeping well. I'm tired and cranky and taking out my emotions on the one person who is trying the hardest to support me. And he's trying so hard, so often. I try to make it up to him, and end up feeling worse than if I had done nothing at all. I know it's sleep-related, and it will pass. Until it comes back again. Maybe. Sometimes I wonder if it's not just sleep-related and then I wonder what the statute of limitations is for post-partum depression.

I hate the shape I am - too round, too soft, too weak. I used to be smaller, less round.
I'm honest enough about myself to know I'm never going to be Heidi Klum, but I'd rather closer to the size I was when I got married

I want to exercise, but I can't seem to make it fit in. I don't work hard enough when I do any of the exercise games on the Wii to make a difference and I get little enough sleep these days to be able to wake up early and go to a gym. However, I just found out that a yoga studio in the nabe offers Zumba classes one evening a week, post bedtime and on Saturday mornings. I will be checking them out as soon as I can.

I miss blogging, I really need to get my act together and post more.

//here endeth the bitching and the moaning. For now. So if you see me, and I seem detached, you know why. I'm still here.


Anonymous said…
hello there thanks for your grat post, as usual ((o:
Grampa said…
Well, you may not sleep, and you might not exercise, but you still blog the best.
Grampa said…
Sorry for the above inane comment. I don't mean to minimize this. How can I help? Grampa

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