The Quiet Time

I've been gone for far too long.

Too much is going on. Summer is drawing to a close, I think.

We had a full summer. We saw friends, went to parks and beaches, spent time with family.

Claire had a wonderful time at camp this summer. She loved every day, and would ask us if she could go even on the weekends. Her imagination grew by leaps and bounds. She is a princess, or a ballerina, or a fairy, or a firefighter, or some combination of them all. She loves dressing up, dancing, twirling. The dark side, is that her imagination doesn't turn off when she sleeps, and our summer nights were punctuated by lost sleep due to nightmares and night terrors. (which warrant a post all their own) She is tall and slender, wearing size 4 and 5 clothes with ease.

Ben grew by leaps and bounds. He's rapidly approaching his first birthday, which is next Saturday. I can't believe that a year ago, I was hugely pregnant and miserable. He's a wonderful kid - smiles and laughs nearly all the time. He's a super-fast crawler, loves pulling himself to stand and reach for anything that's just a fingertip too far away. He wants to stand on his own - but hasn't gotten the natch yet. Right now, he will stretch his legs while crawling, to this down-dog standing position.

And so we are moving along through the current of time. Each day, follows the one before. Always and forever.


Grampa said…
Wonderful. Always and forever.

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