These are days.

Summer has come, in spades. I won't go into detail, since we're all rather aware of the heat.

We've been busy. Claire is going to camp, the same one she went to last year, which is run at the school she attends. For some reason, she LOVES it. She gets upset when she doesn't go. Her two best friends, Nina and Constantine are in her group, and now they are older than the other kids. It's amazing the change this has brought out in her. She's so confident, smart and OUTSPOKEN. She's almost mastered, "Excuse me, Mama, I have something to TELL YOU!"

We've almost completely potty trained. (Thank goodness.) I'd be more than happy to share my methods, but it was sort of a crap-shoot, if you'll pardon the pun.

Ben is equally accomplished - he's got 3 teeth with a fourth on the way. He's crawling, figuring out how to open our (admittedly) makeshift baby gates and pulling himself up to standing. His eyes are a gorgeous khaki green, and he's got blond curls coming in.

I'm very blessed.


That is really amazing. It sounds like there are some really good things. Congrats on the potty training. That is great.

And I love that Ben is developing so well. He sounds so adorable. I need pictures!

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