There is a term in our family that perfectly sums up the occasional and unexpected good things that happen, when they might have otherwise turned out badly


As in, "He got a flucky!"

When you accidentally wash a tissue and it comes out of the cycle intact, instead of shredded and evenly distributed all over your clothing. You got a flucky.

When you knock over a full glass of water, but manage to catch it before it spills all over your lunch. You got a flucky.

When you park your car in the hydrant spot outside your apartment and get distracted unloading and forget to move it for SIX HOURS, yet don't get a ticket or a tow. You, my husband, got a flucky.

Say it with me "You got a flucky!"

Slower now, "You got off lucky."

(Dedicated to my darling Dad. Because he makes me laugh.)


Griffin Family said…
This is the most awesomest thing I have read today.Which is saying a lot because I have happened to have read some pretty awesome things today. And I have to confess that I thought "flucky" was going to end up being a translation similar to "fugly". Oh. But it was SO much better than that.
Grampa said…
Aw, you made me all mushy inside. D. Dad.
(BTW, the phrase, to the best of my knowledge, first appeared in a syndicated column by Max Schulman in my college (CCNY) newspaper. The first use was "She thought she was pregnant, but she got a flucky." Not a bad thing for a 1960s undergraduate.
Mary Bergfeld said…
I really loved this post, Di. I stopped by to say hello and see if you were happy with the ribs. I hope you are having a wonderful day. Blessings...Mary

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