Catching Tales

I last updated in JANUARY?
Even for being distracted and such with life, that's a bit insane!

Ok - so what has been going on?

Not a whole helluva lot, really.

Ben is now 6 months old. Reflux is totally gone, although he still spits up a bit. He also snores like a tiny little old man most of the time. Cracks me up. He's rolling over, grabbing (he has this one ninja death grip where I swear he's going for blood..) He'd rather be with me and looking at Claire just about all the time now. He thinks she's hysterical, especially when she's crying. That's comedy gold to him. Of course, she HATES that with a fierce passion and will yell "No, BEN! DON'T SMILE AT ME!" when she in the throes of a particularly fractious moment. We tried solid food with him at five months and he wasn't into it, so we waited. Now he's sort of OK with the idea of cereal, but sort of not. In a few more days, he will try fruit puree and I'm betting that he loves it.

He's a very robust, solid little cannonball of a kid - about 18 pounds on our home scale. His hair is dirty blond, and sort of curly when it's wet. His eyes are amazing. They are the color of the ocean. Sometimes a bluish green, sometimes a greenish blue, and framed with long eyelashes.

I think he's about to cut a tooth, because in addition to going through an intense growth-spurtish period, or developmental leap or something, nursing him has started hurting me again. And he wants to nurse constantly.

Claire is equally entertaining these days.
Skinny as a rail, but still a chubba-cheeked little girl, she's crossing the threshold between baby and little girl. She plays pretend now. She mothers her dolls, singing them to sleep and giving them "mommy milk" (our phrase for nursing.) She still goes to nursery school every morning, and either she LOVES it or HATES IT when we arrive. The days when she hates it are awful - screaming and throwing herself to the floor in very dramatic fashion.

Dave is still working hard, and I'm trying to find myself again. I know I'm more than just a momma, but Lord, somedays it's hard to remember!


Unknown said…
You'll get there. You have it in you. Glad to read the recap!

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