Rainy days and Sundays

It's four o'clock. Sunday afternoon. The rain is falling and it's a cold January day.

Everyone else is sleeping. I suppose I should be too, but lately the hours spent alone are far to precious to me to waste by merely sleeping.

No one is touching me.
There isn't a recalcitrant, fractious toddler trying to have her way. (Yes, I know that's two words that mean the same thing, and no I don't care. My blog; my big vocabulary words, thank you.)
There isn't an infant nursing and/or spitting up on me.

It's quiet.
I was plenty busy earlier today - laundry was done, and mostly sorted and folded. And I went through Ben's dresser and pulled out all the stuff he's grown out of. I still have to sort through his socks and pair them up again. I also want to go through Claire's clothing and do the same.

But now, as the midwinter afternoon light fades into evening. I sit in the quiet with my laptop. And write.


Grampa said…
Just a nice peaceful :).
Anonymous said…
Big Toe (not a blogger) loves your blog.
'no one is touching me'. only another mom could understand how meaningful those words are. so rare to have complete physical autonomy.

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