What I Love

I've always said I wanted to be a writer. From the 3rd grade - when I wrote and illustrated a topic report about ants - til today, I've proudly told people my aspirations.

I went to college, determined to follow my dreams. I studied journalism, figuring that I could write and get paid for it until I finished my novel and became famous.

When I graduated, I went to work at a series of trade magazines before switching to children's book publishing.

I don't work in children's publishing any more. The path that led me to where I am today isn't a complicated one. I lost a job I loved. I needed a new job, so I took the first one that came along, even though it wasn't a good choice. Hating that job, I slaved at it until I could take it no longer and found another job in another industry. I loved that job and worked there until I left it to have my baby. While I was on maternity leave, the project I worked for ended and I was left without a job.

How do I get back to what I love - making stories? First of all, I make them up for my daughter all the time. They are stories about a Princess, who lives in a castle in the city and takes ballet lessons.

And, I do this:
One of the blogs I read has sponsored a writing challenge called {W}rites of Passage. She has been wondering what happened to all the good writing on the internet and asks those of us participating to put our best out there.

It starts today. Wish me luck


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