Things that suck, in no particular order:

1. Two days of rain
2. A toddler who is ambivalent about napping
3. A toddler who suddenly prefers Mommy to everyone else, especially when Mommy is trying to take care of Business in the bathroom.
4. A newborn who conveniently spits up every time you are trying to get someplace on time for a change
5. Wearing damp pants because you are going to have to go back out in the rain in an hour and it doesn't make any sense to change them

Things that do not suck, in no particular order:
1. Snuggling with the toddler
2. Snuggling with the newborn
3. Snuggling with the husband


bonnie said…
How was Halloween?
Momo Fali said…
Thank you for reminding me to hug my children (and give thanks that neither of them is a newborn)!

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