Progress, in baby steps

Well, well, that was productive.

As I mentioned last time, we had a mess of stuff to get through this weekend to prepare for Baby Boy...and we did pretty well. I'm sure a lot more of it will get sorted through before we go to sleep tonight, since the bed is pretty much out of commission what with it's being covered up with the stuff that was underneath it at the moment.

But, here's what we did do:
  1. I set up the crib. Cute, cute, cute
  2. Bought infant carrier carseat, swaddles and extra sheets and mattress pad for the co-sleeper
  3. Got tons of cute boy clothes from J, as well as a bouncy seat. She offered a swing, but Dave declined. He wants to either get our old one back from his friend, or buy a new one.
  4. Moved stuff around in our room. The bed is where we want it, now all that remains is sorting through the rest of the stuff in there. Shouldn't take long, realistically. Although I am pretty limited to 30 minutes of work at a time, before I get incredibly uncomfortable. Given my own state of mind about this, I am sorely tempted to just start shoving stuff into hefty bags and tossing it when Dave's not looking. However the resulting argument might not be worth it. We will see where things stand by Tuesday. (Why Tuesday, you ask? Because he goes to the office AND Claire has camp in the morning, and I can do what I want, no questions asked!)
  5. New deluxe paper shredder purchased. We have reams and reams of old files that need to be disposed of. Now we have a shredder capable (in theory) of working through those at a rapid pace.
Ok - I'm going to sort through an under the bed box of stuff right now and throw out as much as I can...ready, set, GO!!!


Congrats on getting so much accomplished. I wish I was anywhere near as close! (Still do not have a crib or mattress. If she arrives early, she may be sleeping in a drawer at this point! *laugh*) We got the car seat and other stuff. Getting things slowly... Too slowly really.

I hope you were able to enjoy the time to yourself. I am sure it has to be good for you to have a little. I am hoping you are just taking the time to rest and relax!

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