Onward and Upward

Claire has gone to camp two more times, with ever better results. Yes, I know it's nothing new. Every kid handles transitions differently, but she's my kid, so I worry more.

Yesterday she was fine before we left the house. However on the 5 block walk to the school, she was insisting that I stay and read stories with her. I said that I would read two stories and then go, but I would come back after lunchtime. When the time came, she was a wretch - red-faced and sobbing. I had to hurry out of the room or she would have seen me crying.

Naturally, when I returned, she was happily playing, cheerful demeanor returned. She told me all about her morning, and Miss Stephanie concurred. Claire calmed down within a few minutes of my leaving, and had a fun time. They had circle time, played outside and did an art project, then had hamburgers and french fries for lunch.

Today, I couldn't take her, but Dave did. Same thing. When he got there to pick her up, she was so involved in what she was doing, she didn't even see him come in. Both Miss Stephanie and the assistant teacher, Miss Laura, are really pleased with how well she's adjusting. And, Dave and I are starting to think about how we can keep her there in the fall.

As for me, I had my 30 weeks checkup. All is well with The Boy. He's active, and driving me slowly batty with all the elbows, knees and other sundry body parts jabbing me. I had my first major bout of nesting yesterday. While Claire has done really well adjusting to her toddler bed, she's still not a good daytime sleeper, even when it's obvious to us she needs a nap. So as she's "winding down" there can be a lot of noise coming from her room. I found out yesterday, that she had been climbing up and standing on her bed, to reach into the top drawer of her dresser and pulling things out. Well, that's all well and good, except for one detail. When she got tall enough to pull things off the changing table, I moved everything to that top drawer.

So, I had to devise a rearrangement of the furniture in her room. I did that mentally yesterday, got out the tape measure and measured everything twice. Dave moved it for me afte lunch today since he was working from home. I have to say, it looks great!

My next project will be doing something similar in rearranging our bedroom to accomodate the co-sleeper, and to make room for the file cabinet that lives in Claire's room. When we moved here, we didn't really think about furniture placement in the bedrooms, but sort of slapped it down wherever it fit!


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