Ok - now what?

In addition to all the things she's been doing of late as if to prove to us that she's really 2, Claire has taken on a new, and sort of wacky habit.

She figured out that she can climb on stuff just as easily at home as she can at the park. For example, she's no longer afraid to climb up the ladders of the various play structures there AND the past three days has taken to scaling the side of her changing table during naptime.

We have a gorgeous wrought-iron changing table that belonged to one of Dave's cousins when she was a baby. White enamel with brass trim. Really lovely. And until this week, it never seemed to occur to Claire that it could be climbed.

This week, I've found her up there at least four times. Once just on top and the other three times, asleep, at the end of naptime. At first we though it was because we'd rearranged her room so that the table was next to the dresser, and she suddenly had access to the top drawer, where we keep the stickers. (Stickers that are getting used these days as rewards for potty training, but that's a whole other post...) Or maybe she was playing with all the half-used tubes of diaper cream and the like.

So today, we moved the room around again - so the changing table was by itself. This time, she evidently sat on the table, and peeled off the winnie the pooh decorative decals that are on the walls of her room. Redecorated things and then lay down to sleep. When I found her later, and moved her to the bed, she was angry at me for moving her. Man, was she pissed.

So, I don't know what to do. She still needs diapers, we're only potty training at this point, AND we're going to need the table again in a couple of months. For tonight, I was able to push the changing table into a corner of the room, blocked on two sides by the walls and a third by the side of the crib and put her big play kitchen in front of the remaining side. That will suffice until we finish rearranging our room and can create a little spot of nursery space for The Boy.

I guess.
Unless one of you has a better idea....


Okay, I know it's wrong but I think it's adorable that you found her sleeping on her (sounds gorgeous) changing table. We have a climber in our house too...

Thanks for stopping by my blog!
bonnie said…
Oh dear - maybe Kayak Baby is actually Mountain Climber Baby!
Unknown said…
izzy may have shown claire how to climb the changing table.
i wonder where izzy would learn such a thing.

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