Wow - this is rough...

As I mentioned previously, Claire is going through a rough patch. As near as I can tell, she is working on her 2 year molars, plus a big developmental surge AND a lot of external change.

She got a new toddler bed and a baby cousin last week, AND started summer camp/playschool this morning.

So of course, she decided that waking up at 5:18 and screaming for two hours was the way to go. She did this yesterday too - full on kicking and screaming tantrum time.

But we got to camp (which is in a lovely private school a short walk from here) and got her stuff unpacked and left her reading a story at one of the cute little tables. Unfortunately, one of the things missing from the scenario was her little friend Nina, who I had thought would be in her group. Not there this morning. Could be a lot of things, but I hope she turns up. Nina's mom was supposed to be starting a job at the school around now too, and I hope that turned out OK.

Dave and I left and had a quiet morning. I took a little nap myself, and did some laundry. Then we left to go pick her up. We were a little late - showing up when we were told - 12:30. Clairey was the last kid there, sitting in the teacher's lap, drowzing and almost all the way asleep. Aparently, she'd been playing with the blocks just moments before sleep got the better of her.

Morning went as I expected - she cried through Circle Time, was iffy during playground time and LOVED the kiddie pool. She wasn't interested in lunch, but she hasn't been interested in food for a while, and they served ravioli with tomato sauce, which she hates.

We wheeled her home, crashed out in her stroller and have left her there for the afternoon. She woke up a little bit ago, but she fussed and then went back to sleep.

Did a little googling, and it's all entirely age appropriate and like everything else, shall pass in time. It's a combo of 2nd year molar teething combined with a big developmental leap that happens around now. Add to that going to camp for the first time WITHOUT MAMA, and the arrival of her new cousin last week, AND getting moved into a toddler bed. It's a lot for me to handle emotionally and I'm 37! (Of course, I am also pregnant, which is a whole other ball of wax.)


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