Two Months? Are you kidding?

Well, internet peoples. So, so sorry about that. I sort of lost track of time or something and haven't been lingering around these parts.

Let's see -

1. Yup - still pregnant. And pretty happy about it, although if over the winter, you'd reminded me about the hip pain so bad it made me cry earlier today AND the chafing in places I'd rather not bring up, AND the kicking of various body parts from the inside out, I might have been somewhat less gung-ho about being pregnant in July and August. However that ship has sailed, and I have new comfy sandals and a couple of cute dresses and skirts that are supposed to get me through the heat.

Whether they do, remains to be seen. Barring that, I have mastered the recipe for cold-brewed iced coffee and live a pleasant walking distance from two Baskin-Robbins, a Star*Bux AND a cute indie coffee place. Also, I will not be above taking Claire to splash in the sprinklers at the park when I have to.

2. Family is all doing well, and as of last Tuesday has grown by one more. My lovely brother and sister-in-law welcomed their second daughter into the world. Gah, she's adorable. Next time I get to hold something that little and sweet, it's gonna be my own sweet boy.

3. Claire has been growing by leaps and bounds. She's tall, like all the members of Dave's family. Like almost as tall as a three-year old. Also, she talks A LOT. What's that Mama, who's that? Narrating every waking moment of her life - sometimes making up her own songs about playing. We also transitioned her to a big-girl bed this week. She LOVES it. Of course, we made sure to make it extra lovable - with Dora sheets and the like. It's a toddler bed to start, which is perfect, since the room she's in now, she will eventually share with the boy in the crib. Nighttime in the bed has been pretty flawless the last two nights. Naptime, now there's another story. Not so much with the naps in the new bed. She's been becoming adamantly anti-nap for some time, as you know, and lately I'd been putting her in the crib and letting her play and talk to herself until she fell asleep, however long it too. Now with the bed, and being able to get up and around the room herself, it's A LOT HARDER. And of course that's not a good combo with me needing to rest a bit myself in the afternoons.

If you have any suggestions for getting a big girl to nap, please share them. She still needs to nap, since she's usually a big mess if she doesn't.

Further news in the big-girl department - she's starting summer camp this week. For three mornings a week, she will be hanging out at a local private school. I can't wait for her to love it. I know the transition will be rough. She's always been a mama's girl, and I've loved having the two years together we've had, but I know she's going to love school, she loves other kids, she loves art and water play and all the things her program includes. I just hope she doesn't cry the whole time!

Now, what about you? What have you been up to?


I hope you feel better soon. I had some of the chaffing and boy, was it nasty. *shudders* I am sticking with shorts when I am home and pants for work to avoid that. (But I have never been a skirt gal really as I have more chaffing that way.)

I am so happy for you and Claire on the camp. I am sure the first few days will be rough, but she will probably love it in the end. I need to see her again as it has been eons.

Good luck surviving the summer pregnancy. I am right there with you. I normally am fine during the summer. But I am finding it is sapping my strength if I am outdoors for too long. Just keep pushing those liquids! (Hope that tea is decaf!)
Unknown said…
It's tough when they start transitioning out of the nap. With Mina and Jordan, I give them an hour and tell them they don't have to sleep, but they do have to lay in their bed with their eyes closed. I still call that their down time. And if they don't nap, they just go to bed earlier that night.

Good luck with camp!
I wish I had the nap secret. Still figuring it out myself.

And she will love it! :)

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