So, I survived "No Complaints Week 2009" with little repercussions. I did some complaining, but I was much more mindful of what I was voicing, and made sure that what I chose to speak up about was a legitimate problem, rather than just a peeve.

Made me feel better to think through my thoughts.
It's also taken me in a new direction, personally, which I will eventually go into once I figure more of it out. It's a rough patch for me, and I'm still working through how I feel about this change, so I'm reluctant to hash it out here. At least, so far.

One thing I have learned this week - Claire is NOT afraid to ask for help when she needs it.
Nope, not whatsoever!

"I NEED HELWP!" is a frequent refrain. She stops what she's doing and yelps out, whether she's trying to put on a hat that doesn't quite fit on her head, like my beret, or if she's trying to climb up on a play structure at the park.

I need help.
Can't we all benefit from just asking for what we need?


Sue said…
Congrats on finishing the week sane!
Wow. I couldn't have done that. It is impressive!

It is good to take a lesson from Claire. I am terrible about asking for what I need. I should definitely work on that.

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