One + One = Four

Well, it's high time I offered up an explanation to you, my loyal readership of six...someone commented that I hadn't posted in a really long time, and the few updates I had done were sort of flaky and mysterious...

Well, here's the thing.

When you're growing a baby, you tend to get all flaky and mysterious. Brain chemistry and all that, plus you're so preoccupied with eating the right food, drinking enough water and making sure you have access to a restroom at all possible times, that updating a blog starts to play second fiddle.

Baby #2 will be along in mid September, thus granting me my number one item on the list of ways I don't want to spend summer in NYC. Hugely pregnant. Thanks universe. Thanks a lot. (At least we have AC)


Grampa said…
Ah, you're my favorite 30-something mysterious flake anyway.
I have heard horror stories about being extremely pregnant during the summer months. And NYC gets so muggy. I am sorry you are going to have to deal with it.

I am hoping you can spend a lot of time indoors!
bonnie said…
Here's hoping for a nice, mild summer for you!

Unknown said…
congrats D. It's hard in the summer, especially when you're already chasing an older one. But hang in there! It just keeps getting harder. just kidding.
Swistle said…

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