Snowy Afternoon

We woke up this morning to cloudy skies and snow in the forecast. By the time we headed out to music, it was starting to come down.

Not enough to be a problem but enough to coat the trees and grass, but leave the sidewalks wet.
Now Claire is sleeping, and I left her here for a while with Kayakboy. I had a couple of errands to run and grabbed the camera on my way. There is something about the stark whiteness of new snow that sets off the colors of the world so well.

This is the entrance to our building. Nothing fancy, but the way the snow is clinging to the railing is pretty cool, I think. Don't you?
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I like the picture. It looks wonderful.

I only wish this sort of snow stayed looking nice. I am dreading the walk home from the train. For some reason I decide not to wear my boots this morning. Bad idea!
Suzi said…
I love that the snow looks spray painted on! Pretty!
Unknown said…
Ok, it is kinda pretty - I'll grudgingly admit. But I'm still on the "sick of winter" bandwagon.

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