Happy Birthday!

So here it is,  the dawn of 2009 is here, and I'm once again looking forward and backwards.

For one, it was also my 37th birthday on the first, so I'm doubly involved in self-review and looking for meaning. (And is some sort of wishful-thinking typo, I just wrote that it was my 27th birthday...)

I know I have it pretty good - and I try not to dwell on it too much. Yes, it's swell having a husband who is successful enough that I don't have to work, and can focus on raising our little girl to the best of my ability. (Shut it..) I love that I can do this - and that I've found a fantastic community of other families, both in real life and online who are also working at having one parent at home with their kids. On good days, my friends and I can hang out and enjoy these toddlers we have, and on bad days, we help each other along through the darkness.

I love the neighborhood we live in, the range of cultures that have come together here is astounding, and I appreciate some part of it or another every day I take Claire out for a walk.

I  am blessed to have a fantastic family - they have taught me so much, and given so much that they are a wonderful source of love and strength. My parents have been married for nearly 39 years and were more or less high school sweeties before that. They taught us how to love, and love well. I appreciate their example every day of my own marriage. Kayakboy's family has been a source of much love too - his parents consider me one of their children, and I adore them.

I have one brother, E, who has occasionally been a source of some minor irritation, has also grown up a bit, and become a loving father, devoted husband and successful business owner. Yeah, I still call him "Smelly" from time to time, but he's got it all. Heck, I even love his wife. (Don't get me started on my niece...she's the bestest!)

And at home, Kayakboy is a fantastic everything to me - he's my rock and anchor. My comic foil, my personal accountant, occasional chef, best friend, terrific father to Claire. Without him, I just don't work, and that's all I can say without getting totally weepy.

My daughter, Claire, all of 19 months old and funny as heck. I hope she knows how much I love her. I show her, I tell her all the time. She is the light of my heart, the absolutely best thing I've ever done. I want her to be so much - everything she might want to be in life.

So with that, I am going to publish this. It's been sitting here since my birthday, nearly 2 weeks ago!


Suzi said…
I'm blessed too...having you for a friend!
bonnie said…
Happy belated birthday!
Grampa said…
You can make me tear up in 20 words or less. It's nice to know you feel about us the way we feel about you. You're the best birthday present I could have.
Le Petamane Ancien, PF

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