Adventures in Clairey-wood

This morning I took Claire to a little quasi-playschool program a few subway stops away. It's pouring down rain here, so I wanted to get out and do something indoorsy that wasn't just walking the loop at the Mall, or heading to the Science Museum again. Besides, I might want to do that tomorrow.

It was really cute - there were about 8 kids there, and Claire was right smack in the middle of the age range. They had free play, then did arts and crafts, had a snack and sang some songs. I stayed for the whole time, but there were a few moms who dropped off their kids. Eventually I would like to get to that point with Claire, but this was a great start.

Here she is, sitting at the table, enjoying Goldfishies and some milk, while Miss Mary read them a story
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Suzi said…
she is growing up soooo fast!
Unknown said…
What a great idea! Wish we had something similar. I'm praying I can get Mina into Jordan's school in January for a couple of days. Fingers crossed. Just running out of things to do and it's only December!
Anonymous said…
she's sweet :)

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