The Weekend...

Let me think for a sec, what did we do this weekend?

Well, let's see, Friday was a work-from-home day for Kayakboy, so that was nice. Our friend Alli and her little boy Will came down from Westchester for a visit. It's been months. Claire's birthday? Yeah, I think that was it. And both kids are so big and grownup now. Will is 3 weeks older than Claire, and we have known their family since Lamaze class. Alli came to the first class a few minutes late, walking in cracking some sort of Monty Python-esque joke, and I knew she'd be a friend for life.

We had lunch, and then I got Claire settled for her nap, and Alli, Will and I went to Trader Joe's, where I managed to do all our grocery shopping for the week. Or so it seems. I also splurged on their fancy shampoo, conditioner and a tub of sugar scrub.

Saturday was sort of a quiet day. I had a bit of time to myself while Claire napped, and I went to the Indian beauty spa. Got my face done - which was pretty funny. The aestetician asked me if I spoke Hindi before she got started. Right, what exactly about me looks like I might speak Hindi? But it was a nice facial, and I had a nice walk. Came home and Claire was awake again, then Kathy and Travis stopped in for about an hour before the dinner they were going to. She looks better and better - this pregnancy is doing amazing things for her. By the time I was six months along with Claire, I was starting to become a bloated, horrible mess. Kathy is glowing, her skin and hair look fantastic and she's carrying nothing but baby! (Of course, I'm blithely ignoring the fact that I am heavier than I ought to be, and Kathy is fit and trim and normally gorgeous!)

I also did a ton of laundry. Four very full loads, and folded it. I watched "Becoming Jane" which was sweet, but ultimately disappointing, since any story about Jane Austen is going to leave her alone and bitter by the end. (Most of it is away, too, which is nice. Let's not discuss who hasn't put their laundry away...)

Today, Dave let me sleep in, then took Claire to Costco. Now she's napping, I'm blogging and he's working on woodworking stuff. After she wakes up, we are due to go to Sunnyside to visit some friends and their 5 week old son.


Suzi said…
Sorry! I commented last night, but it didn't stick...hmmm, wonder why?

anyway, sounds like you had a great weekend!

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