Sunday, Sunday

Well, hello there!

Me again.

We've had another stellar day, and it's not quite 2pm!

Got up early (thank you, Claire.) Made experimental pancakes for breakfast. We had no all-purpose flour in the house, nor vegetable oil, so I substituted self-rising flour for the flour, baking powder and salt and used olive oil. The result was pretty dang tasty. Fluffy with a little understated whiff of the oil. I usually make small pancakes, and these were good with butter and syrup, but would have been fantastic with a bit of creme fraiche and smoked salmon or caviar.

After breakfast we headed out - this time, heading to our storage locker so I could swap out my summer clothes and get my fall/winter stuff to the house. Yes, it's 70 degrees today, and will be getting warmer this week, but I had to go now, or I'd be more beholden to Kayakboy's new work schedule.

On our way, we passed a big community yard sale and stopped in. While the rest of the family wandered around, I rummaged through one table that was nothing but bins of baby girl clothes. More stuff for the little girl. Hats for the fall, some more pants and a cute jacket for when the weather turns cooler. (I do object to Elmo and that other muppet girl on there, but I didn't object to the $2 price tag.)

Then we went to storage, at first, Kayakboy and Claire stayed around, and I got started, but I realized it would be easier if I were on my own. I wanted to get into it. So off they went to go to Home Depot, and I was left with the bins. By the time I was done - all the clothes were better organized into Kayakboy, mine, and maternity. I had two bags of donations to Goodwill, and I had my fall winter stuff organized and ready to come home. I still have to work on getting the stuff organized in my dresser and closet.

Then we came home, had a little lunch, and Claire is now, NOT napping. She's miserable, but I am trying to be as hard-hearted as I can.


Suzi said…
sounds like you had a good day! I'm working on organizing too!

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