I decided Friday night that I wanted to go to the Queens Farm Museum to see the animals, and perhaps peruse the pumpkin patch.

Saturday, we woke up, ate breakfast and got on the road.

In her Typical Fashion, Clairey fell asleep just as we were getting near the exit we needed. So we opted to drive around for a bit to let her sleep, figuring that we wouldn't be home in time for her nap later. So we reprogrammed the GPS thing, and set off towards the next town. As we were driving along, we passed a sign for a garage sale. Well, Kayakboy has taken up woodworking, and thought he might be able to find some old tools or something there, so we stopped.

A lot of truly heinous art.
Off we went again, ultimately stopping to check the web for more garage sales. By the time we were heading back in the direction of the Farm, we had been to 5 garage sales and purchased the following:

  • two books for Claire
  • two toys for Claire
  • several outfits for Claire from Osh Kosh, and Hannah Andersson, with tags!
  • a folding luggage cart
  • an old 8mm camera. (don't ask, it's a family joke)

Claire had even scored herself a present. One of the ladies running the fourth sale thought she was so cute, she gave her a beanie baby.

We had lunch at a Panera Bread. (Oh baked potato soup, I love you so...)

At last, we went to the farm. In retrospect, I'm glad we did that last, because it was sort of small, and crowded and were were there for a little more than an hour.

When we came home, I took Claire to run off some more energy at the park. We had a good ole time but she had a dirty diaper, so we headed for home. With two blocks to go, she barfed all over the stroller. Luckily, Kayakboy took care of the mess. I just had to give her a bath. He is awesome.


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