Getting over it

This afternoon, I decided that Claire and I would go back to the old neighborhood and stop by the scheduled Play Date that had been organized.

See, last winter we became pretty friendly with a group of mommies in LIC who organized themselves on It was a great way to get out of the apartment a couple of times a week. Claire loved looking at the older babies (they are all at least a year older than her.) and I liked spending time with grownups. I even became pretty good friends with one or two of them.

Well, in March, we moved, and getting back there is a lot harder. It's a big production now - involving multiple snacks for Claire, riding the subway and then walking a bit. I don't mind, really, except that the last few times I've tried to go, it's not gone well. Because of shifting naptimes, the meetups have moved around the clock a bit, so even if the invite says 4pm, folks might not show up until 5. And we have to leave by then to get home to our evening routine. And with the nice weather, there were days when gatherings never took place, since everyone just ran into each other at the park.

Like today. The calendar said 4pm in the community room of one of the big condos. So there I was - 4pm, or there abouts. No one. So I walked around the neighborhood, took Claire to the nice park over there. Noticed that there weren't even people at the park I knew. I walked back to the building, and let Claire run up and down the hallway for a good 20 minutes, then decided to head back to the train, via another smaller park. Turns out a couple of moms were there with their kiddos. So we stayed and Claire had fun with a bunch of little boys and ate an embarrassing amount of someone else's grapes.

I could have had a nicer time if I'd stayed around here, to be honest. I had gotten a txt from one of the moms I know, and Claire adores her son. She wanted to go to the park, but I said no.

I'm really tired of putting in the effort and getting nothing back for it. It doesn't do me any good.


Anonymous said…
Hey, Kiddo.
Just letting you know I've been here.
More later.
Big Toe

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