The All-Purpose Flu

Sunday afternoon, after a rousing morning of chasing her Auntie C around the apartment, then going to the greenmarket, and playing at the park, Claire did not eat lunch. She went down for her nap and woke up a couple of hours later in a very sour mood.

Then she proceeded to barf all over the living room for the rest of the day.
We finally got her settled and into bed, and she woke up on Monday with a head cold.

Tuesday dawned, and I had aquired the cold, only to end up a mess and a half by the time I finally fell asleep early Wednesday morning. Ugh, without getting to graphic, let's just say I was burning the candle at both ends, and leave the rest to your imagination.

Wednesday woke up, Claire was still sort of coldish, but better, although her stomach was clearly still troubling her, I was weak and queasy and Dave decided he wasn't feeling well either.

We had to call my parents to come and help out. Of course, I didn't let them, Claire slept a good chunk of their visit, and I lay on the couch and hung out with them, while Dave rested in the bedroom. I did get a nap in around dinner time, and woke up feeling much better.

Now it's Thursday, and Claire seems to be fine, although she isn't eating as much as I think she ought to, and her diapers are still iffy. I'm nearly better, but grazing, rather than eating. Dave's still off. Since he was the last to get sick, he's probably got another day or so.

Looks like we survived, intact, afterall.


Suzi said…
I hope, hope, hope, ya'll are feeling better!

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