Save the BOOBS!

Hi there - nothing much to report. (I'm currently sitting in the living room, trying to decide whether to take a shower or not, and listening to C have some intermittent crying issues. None bad enough that we have to go in an comfort her, but she's restless...)


As I was saying.
I just happened to read this blog, Kristen's Four Kids, and she linked to a friend, who has decided to run a fund-raiser for breast cancer on her blog. For every comment she gets she's donating $3 to breast cancer research, her husband's company is matching that, and her mother will donate another $3. That means, for every comment she gets, $9 goes to research!

Everyone has been touched by this horrible, terrible disease. We are mothers, wives, sisters, daughters and friends. We have the power to do something to stop it.

Save the boobs!


Kristin.... said…
Thanks for the push for Cass's blog! I appreciate it!

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