Weekend report

So far, this has been a pretty good weekend.

Friday - my in-laws were with us briefly in the morning. They came into NYC late Thursday night on their way home from France, and needed to crash. So they hung around a bit in the morning, tired Claire out and then headed back home. After Claire woke from her nap, she and I headed into the city to meet Da-da and one of his coworkers for lunch. We'e both very fond of David, although he lives in Melbourne. So, we try to get together with him socially when he comes to NYC for work, which happens once or twice a year. (I also get called into the room when Kayakboy has David on the video phone.)

This time around, he had his partner, Christophe with him and we took them to lunch for some all-American BBQ. Christophe, who is French was a little bewildered by it, but enjoyed the food all the same.

Then Claire and I walked down town to Old Navy and I picked up some cute, end-of-season values. When we got back home, we went to the park, ran around a bit and then came home for the evening routine.

Saturday - I had a plan to go to the gym with my friend T. She wanted to introduce me to the double whammy of body-conditioning followed by yoga. Wasn't too bad. All this baby-schlepping has left me in better shape than I thought. I'm sore today, but it's tolerable. Afterwards, Kayakboy and Claire came to meet us, and T's husband, T, and we had dim sum. Then we did a little driving, and went to Costco. Note to self - start keeping a running list of things we *might* want at Costco, cos' you invariably forget something. Like napkins.

The evening was quiet. I did laundry. I wanted to watch some Torchwood, but it never happened.

Today - Kayakboy asked for some time to himself. Claire came to church with me. She was pretty good. Played reasonably quietly in the pew, ate cheerios and drank water and pulled the hymnals out and thumbed through them. She also said "hi" to all the little old ladies and smiled charmingly at all their husbands. I took her to the park afterwards, and then through the green market for provisions. Picked up some great lunch stuff too.

We have: eggplant, sweet corn, cucumbers and buckwheat honey. I also picked up 4 tamales, two stuffed with chicken mole and two with pork in salsa verde, a veggie quiche, a piece of sausage and pepper stromboli and two chicken empanadas. (The tamales and empanadas were our lunch. And I'll heat up some of the quiche for Claire for dinner.) The corn and cukes are for everyone, and I want to try my hand at baba ganouj with the eggplant.

Now, the wee one is napping and Dave is working in the shop. I'm enjoying the quiet. She will be awake in a minute or two and then I think we're going to walk down to the library and the mailbox. I'm expecting the last bits of Kayakboy's birthday present to come any day now. Better be here by Friday, or I get annoyed!

Tonight, more laundry, then fresh corn and chicken rollatini and rice for dinner. Gotta cook that chicken or it's lost. It's thawed and in the fridge just mocking me.

Tomorrow, a full grocery shop, then a playdate.


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