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We are a people who tell stories in one form or another.
After all isn't blogging just another way to gather around and tell those stories?

Motherhood is Painless is about finding the humor in the every day. In finding the happiness in those stories that we tell. What would happen if we *all* learned to laugh at ourselves? Maybe then the dark corners would recede a bit and we would all rejoice at the love we find there.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Fight The Frump Friday

Well, here we are again, another summer day. Although this is the last "official" Friday of the summer.

I've been wondering a bit about this motherhood thing and it's nature. I've come to a couple of very obvious conclusions. I certainly like it better than any job I've had so far, but it's physically more demanding than anything else, too. And for the time being, I've decided that full-time at-home parenting is my career move. There are a whole host of reasons behind that decision, which I will go into later as I sort them out in my own head.

Anyhow - back to the point I was going to make. It is important to treat momma-dom as any other job, and put your best face forward. Wearing a cuter outfit doesn't make me a better parent by a long shot, but it does set me up for the day in a more focused frame of mind. I get up, get dressed and while she's having breakfast, I get some makeup on this face and get something done with my hair. I also make a cup of tea.

It's not a complicated routine - I wear moisturizer with sunscreen, eyecream, concealer and mascara every day. (Right now, it's Philosophy's When Hope is Not Enough SPF 15 moisturizer, Burts Bees eye cream, Bare Minerals Bisque and Maybelline Great Lash) If I am feelinng particularly in need of a boost, I might add a little eyeshadow as liner.

My hair, is equally fuss-free. I shower at night, so in the morning, all I have to do is either comb it with a wide-toothed comb, or my fingers and add a spray of product. -- I'm using a spray gel for curly hair these days.

Start to finish - the whole beauty routine takes 5 minutes, less time than it takes Miss Baby to finish a waffle. And I feel so much the better for it.

Today, I am all out of sorts. I stayed up too late watching Sen. Obama give his speech, so I didn't shower, blah. My parents are on their way here right now to pick up the girl for an overnight, so I will shower when they leave. A shower during the day? O.M.G.

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