The Birthday Celebration

Friday was Kayakboy's 34th birthday. He took the day off and ventured out to do some things on his own, and grandpa and nana came to take Miss Baby for the day, and for her first sleepover!

I got to do a few things solo as well. Nothing huge, but I finally got to the jeweler's. We are long-term customers of a lovely couple that operate a small stall down in the jewlery district on the Bowery on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. Great people, the sort who remember you by name when you come in. My wedding and engagement rings were both purchased there, as well as a couple of things I got for Christmas and birthday this last year. I wanted to get the earrings cleaned, a new chain for the necklace (why Kayakboy thought a choker was a good length, I'll never know.) And lastly I needed to get the rings resized. I'm a good 25 pounds heavier than I was when we got married, and while I'm not happy about it, and am trying to get the weight off, I'm realistic too. We want to have a second kid, and I had to stop wearing the rings when I was about 4 months along. Haven't really worn them since.

So, resizing. I can always get a ring guard when I get thinner.
But part of what I need to do is relearn how to be happy about myself, not wearing my beautiful rings wasn't helping there. (I wear a channel-set half eternity band on my left hand, and a sapphire and diamond engagement ring on my right) They are striking, and I love them, and it was slowly killing me not to wear them. So, for a surprisingly low fee, I get them back.

Then I just wandered around for a while. I was in Chinatown and I enjoyed that, venturing next into Soho. I just love walking around the city, looking in shops, people watching. I haven't gotten to do it much, when you're walking with a stroller, you are consumed by not walking into things or people. Then I stopped at a nail place and got my toes painted red, and splurged on a 10 minute massage.

When I got home, Kayakboy was home and we got ready for our date. Dinner and a movie. We went to Artisanal Bistro and had a wine and cheese pairing, followed by a huge, delicious steak frite for me, and lamb chops for him, and a chocolate fondue for dessert. Then we went to the movies and saw Tropic Thunder, where I proceeded laugh so hard, I think I burned off some of the calories from dinner.

Yesterday we went to see my parents for a big family BBQ. But, since we were still on our own, we also went shopping. Target, baby! New shirts for me! Some new clothes for Miss Baby, cases for the camera and GPS! And food! Because Kayakboy wanted to bring stuff to the party.

We had a great afternoon - my brother and his family were there, an old family friend, and my SIL's parents. My niece and Miss Baby were so cute, chasing each other around trying to give each other hugs. I was dying it was so sweet.

Of course, we left way too late, and she was pretty miserable the whole way home. Plus, she's got a diaper rash, and is cutting her last molar.

Today, it's naps all around, laundry and maybe a venture into the city. Dunno. It's nice having a three day weekend!


I am really happy that you had a good time with your husband for his birthday. It sounds like it was wonderful.

I am also thrilled to hear you are getting your rings resized. It is good that you are moving forward with how your body is right now. And it makes sense that you can always add a ring guard at a later date if needed.

I know I was not at all happy without my wedding & engagement rings. I hate even taking off my wedding band temporarily. I had to for something recently. I feel naked and wrong without it!

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