Grossest Baby Ever

Last Saturday, as I was expecting my inlaws for lunch, I put Claire down for her morning nap. No problems there, she was in her PJ top and a clean diaper. It took her a little while to settle down, but once she squawked a few times she was out for her usual two hours. When I heard her wake, I went and got her bottle and then went into her room.

Upon opening the door, I was first struck by the smell of dirty diaper. It was a bit stronger than normal. Then I put on the light.

Baby girl had removed the diaper. And then made a work of art of her crib, the wall, the sheets and her wee little self with the contents of the diaper. Oh yes, there was poop every. where. Eyebrows. Belly button. Hair.

I screamed, burst out laughing and scooped her up and into the bath as quickly as I could.Then I got her settled in the living room while I went after the mess with Lysol wipes and rubber gloves.

Of course, just as I finished the cleanup, Kayakboy came back.


Swistle said…
This is the kind of scene that makes me wish that "closing the door again" was a workable solution.

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