Food Erotica...

Wow, if that title doesn't draw in it's fair share of pervs, I don't know what will.

But, to me the phrase "food porn" implies visual images, and I haven't got those. However,

As Kayak-boy and I were driving home from the day's festivities, we were commenting on the excellent grub we'd been eating the whole darned afternoon. "That was some kind of epic meal" we decided.

See, it was my lovely mother-in-law's significant birthday. (And I honestly mean lovely. I absolutely adore her and the whole clan...) and my sister-in-law and her fella did a fantastic, bang-up job of cooking up a festive meal for the family.

First course - fresh canteloupe and crenshaw melons, straberries, pineapple, cheese and crackers. Kayakboy and I provided the cheese - we had a very new goat cheese, called Petit Billy, an aged goat gouda, aged manchego, Prima Donna, which is another aged cow's milk gouda and something that was described as a very funky, aged Camembert. I didn't eat the last since it was moldy as all get-out.

Second course - challah french toast with berries, whipped cream, maple syrup from Canada, and local Canadian and Irish bacon. Irish bacon is from the back of the hog, rather than the belly, where American bacon comes from. It resembles a cross between traditional bacon and Canadian. It is fantastically delicious.

At this point, we took a break, to go outside and let Claire run around the yard. We took turns trotting after her and lying in the two hammocks and recliner chair.

Pace yourself, we're about halfway done:

Third course - a frittata with fresh herbs, roasted red peppers and goat cheese. Yum. Then another round of playing with the baby. Because all this food? You need a break now and again.

Fourth course - sweet potato waffles with pecan syrup. (And the rest of the cream and berries, if you wanted them)

Dessert - Yes. You don't go to all that effort and then not have a very special dessert. My other sister-in-law made a fantastic, gorgeous cake. Light yellow cake frosted with vanilla Italian meringue, with a layer of chocolate meringue inside. She decorated it with raspberries and a few chocolate chips.

I am refusing to enter any of it into my weight watchers journal. I ate as modestly as I could, but I still think the system would just crash.

But holy moses, hats off to the chefs! You guys kick culinary ass. (Claire ate crackers, some fruit, a whole piece of french toast, a bite of frittata, her own plain scrambled egg, a waffle and most of a slice of banana bread. And a huge cup of milk.)


bonnie said…
oooooooooooooooooohhhhhhh my.


I mean, you had me at the part where you & Kayak Boy brought the cheeses. That is always a VERY good thing...

but the rest????!!! Wow!
bonnie said…
Wait, how did I end up back here?

Oh, I guess Google likes this post too!

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