Well, the Strawberry Girl is still red and patchy-looking. It's better, which is a good sign. Unfortunately, one of the worst bits is around her left eye. It's a little puffy and red, making her look like she got into a fight! Poor thing - but she remains happy. It's a little itchy under her chin, since she keeps rubbing, but I am vigilantly coating her with cocoa butter and aquaphor and that's helping.

Otherwise, we had a nice weekend. I helped a friend buy a LOT of wedding makeup. She was starting from scratch, so had to get everything. She looks lovely, and will be a flawless, radiant bride. As I will be a gorgeous bridesmaid. Just have to go get the dress from the seamstress on Friday. We picked really pretty navy satin cocktail dresses with a little beading..then decided that the d├ęcolletage was over-the-top, and had a seamstress add a little drape of navy organza to deemphasize the top.

And we signed a lease on an apartment - Jackson Heights here we come!
(Now, I just have to pack...ugh!)


Kristin.... said…
Aquaphor is the best invention ever. Sticky and nasty to use, but works like a charm. Poor little thing.

I DO NOT miss the days of renting. ugh. But, in NYC, you can't do much else. Packing stinks though.
Unknown said…
Jackson Heights?!! Oh, I had such a burst of nostalgic longing for that nabe. Used to visit quite frequently when we were still new yorkers.

Suzi said…
Can't wait to see you two all dolled up! Ya'll be Gorgeous! Sorry C-bear is uncomfy! love ya!

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