Ok, so I need a new nickname for her now

When Claire was just a tiny little thing, and we were still figuring each other out, she was a pink, pink little thing. She was pink because she's allergic to dairy protein, and it gives her eczema. Once I eliminated dairy from my diet and now that she's eating solids, keep her away from most of it, she has gorgeous baby skin. (Yogurt is OK, but cottage cheese is not. I've not tried any other cheese.)

I called her Strawberry Girl.

Last week, I decided it was time that she tried baby pureed strawberries and applesauce. .

Turns out, the Strawberry Girl is allergic to strawberries.


Suzi said…
HOw about an acronym? Jill is L.A.C.Y. (little angel cuddly and yellow), Blake is S.P.U.D (sweet prince utterly darling or dopey) Cat and John, well.... they are Itchy and Scratchy, names are interchangeable, depending on who the instigator is!
Kristin.... said…
I still like Strawberry Girl. She BECOMES strawberry colored, right? :)
good luck with the food allergies. My oldest had very mild ones that she grew out of. And strawberries are definitely an allergen until age 1.
bonnie said…
Oh no! poor kid. Here's hoping she grows out of the strawberry allergy.

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