Much better

By yesterday, C's face was almost entirely clear. She still has some rough textured spots, but to the eye, she's back to normal. She has a strawberry mark between her eyes, and it's still there, but otherwise, she's my pretty, sweet girl again. I have noticed some rougher bits on the undersides of her arms and on her thumb, but it's much milder and getting better every day

She's so into standing up these days. She can just stand now - not needing to pull herself up anymore. And she waves her toys and claps while doing it. Most of the time, she's fantastic, and loves to plop herself right back down on her bottom when she needs to sit. However occasionally she misses and falls down and bangs some part of her against a toy...hence the bruise on her left cheek. Purple! My poor little girl!

Ah - I hope she doesn't inherit my clumsiness!


bonnie said…
Hazardous business, this walking stuff. She should go straight to kayaking. That's what I think.

BTW I'm not telling you which one but you are so getting memed within the next week or so.

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