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Claire is taking naps.

After months and months of struggling with her and getting any sort of daytime sleep out of her, she sleeps during the hours the sun is in the sky.

Easy, I take her out in the stroller and somewhere along the line it lulls her to sleep, then we go home, and I easily wheel the stroller into the building and into our apartment and leave her in the dimly lit entry way until she wakes up.

We couldn't do this before, since the old apartment was a third-floor walk-up. Even if I could get her and the stroller up the stoop while she was still sleeping, I couldn't make it up the rest of the stairs while she slept.

Everyone is much happier now.
Of course, the Era of the Nap has also coincided with her first bout of real teething. Poor little girl - she's got a huge chomper coming in - and the diaper rash, diarrhea and crankiness to go with it. I feel awful, but there's not a whole lot I can do. (Cold cloths, cold food, and Motrin/ Tylenol at regular intervals seem to do the trick.)


Kristin.... said…
Oh naps are the BEST! My oldest napped until age 3 1/2 (partly due to daycare), my son napped until age 2, sort of but not really, and the twins are on some sort of crazy schedule that I can't seem to work with.
I am so glad you are happy with the new neighborhood & the apartment. It sounds like it will be great. And I am sure it helps that Claire can nap more easily.

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