Good thing she's cute...

Claire was exhausted yesterday, and so easily went to bed at bedtime.

Then she woke up around 11:30 and screamed loudly for about 10 minute s, and fell back to sleep. Actually, it may not have been a full 10 minutes. Kayakboy was on baby patrol, and I went in the shower. She was asleep before I came out of the bathroom.

Of course, she woke up screaming again at 6:20 this morning. I'm on baby patrol, at the moment, but she is happy - tummy full of milk (ow.) She's teething, and taking her vengeance out on my boobs.

Sadly, she is also the Strawberry Girl this morning.
We've been experimenting with dairy. The milk protein sensitivity hasn't been getting much better. Shes eats yogurt with gusto, and it doesn't affect her. So with the doctor's blessing, I decided to reintroduce dairy into my diet. So far this week, I had a slice of not-terribly cheesy pizza, a serving of risotto, drank a hot cocoa and ate a slice of regular cheese. She wasn't terrible, a little rosy-cheeked, but it started to fade. Yesterday she ate a spoonful of cottage cheese. Within hours, she is a blotchy, blotchy little girl. She's not uncomfortable, and is now playing happily with her toys, but I'm feeling terribly guilty for making her rashy again.


Swistle said…
Oh, the biting! We had biting around here for awhile last month. I thought I was going to (a) die and (b) switch to formula. He stopped, though, before I could do either thing on my list.
Kristin.... said…
Never managed to medicate with cake yesterday. did you?
sorry to hear the babe has milk issues. my oldest is lactose intolerant, but the other 3 are fine. It will pass, hopefully!
Kristin.... said…
ok, but did the cake taste good? :)
Unknown said…
awww... we went through a bit when we thought J might be lactose intolerant. Eventually ran tests to rule it out, but it's hard in the interim.


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