Plans, deferred

The past few weeks, our Saturday morning routine has been thus: everybody wakes up, Kayakboy goes to kayak with his buddies M and C, and I hang with the girl for a bit. Then I bundle her up, get into my workout gear and head to the gym for my favorite class. He meets me there and they go off to run errands. We meet back home and proceed with the day.

But this morning, she decided that she was ready for a nap at exactly 10:50. I need to leave by 11:15 or so or I don't get to the gym in time. I called to tell Kayakboy not to meet me at the gym (which is on the Upper West Side of Manhattan...) but to come home because she was sleeping.

He seemed perplexed and frustrated that I wasn't going to wake her up, force her cranky little self into clothes and out the door just to make it to the class. "I can't get home quick enough that you will be able to get to class on time."

So, I didn't get to NIA on time, but Claire got a nap. It's something I have been really struggling with. Better she sleep and I can work out later. Or tomorrow. Better she sleep in the crib during the day, where she should, than in the stroller or on one of us.

Better she sleep for a while and give me a few minutes of alone time - which is probably just as important as getting exercise.


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