After a good long couple of months stretch of sleeping really well, Claire is back to waking up screaming in the wee small hours. She goes down to sleep just fine, but wakes around midnight, fusses a bit, then falls back to sleep for another stretch, only to wake up crying and miserable.

Can't decided if it's the teething, the about-to-crawl state of mind or something else. Nightmares? Separation anxiety? Fear of the dark?

I wish I knew, and I wish she would sleep better again. It's making for a very tense household.

On the other hand, we've been letter the cats into the bedroom at night, and they are keeping me nice and warm at night. Awww.


Anonymous said…
Oh, man. Sleep issues. They dominate EVERYTHING. With five kids, it seems like someone is ALWAYS having a sleep issue of one kind or another. Eventually the issue passes, and then there's a break---and then a fresh issue!

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