Why, hello there

It's you.

Forgot you were there for a while.
I've been busy, celebrating and stuff. We've been quite busy through the holiday season. Two parties for Kayakboy's workplace. One for family at FAO Schwartz, which was super-cool, and I'm sure Claire would have loved it, if she weren't 6 months old. She slept in the carrier for 75% of the evening. The second party was the super posh, adults only party at Cipriani, with lots of delicious food, allegedly delicious alcohol and a performance from Blue Man Group.

Then Claire's first Christmas, which was lovely and sweet. Kayakboy and I were generous with our gifties and she tried to eat the wrapping paper. We took the train up to see my inlaws where like the princess she is, Claire held court and recieved many presents of her own - board books, stuffed animals and what I firmly believe is the entire 6-9 month old girls collection from JC Penney. We will be seeing my family tomorrow, for further celebration. (Christmas, late Hannukah, New Year's and my birthday.)

To that end we've been reorganizing the apartment. Kayakboy has wanted to move his desk into into the den for months now. (7 give or take, since we had to move it out of the nursery...) So, we've finally gotten that done, we also got a baby play area for Claire since she is so close to crawling, I can hardly believe it. I have been referring to it as the veal pen, because I am weirder than most people I know. But it's cute - yellow blue and red plastic walls with one side an activity center. It will go in the dining room and give her a safe place to roll around in.

Ok - now it might be time to see if the chocolate chip banana bars I just made are any good. (Lord, I hope so! But what's not to like - chocolate chips, bananas, brown sugar, pecans...mmmmmm)


bonnie said…
Happy New Year!

Glad to hear you had a good holiday season & that Claire enjoyed it in proper baby fashion by trying to eat the wrapping paper.

Reminds me a bit of a funny post a friend from college wrote about his daughter's response to a birthday present.

Happy New Year!

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