Claire started solids this week. Rice cereal followed by carrots.

Um -- not good. One or the other has given her a rash. We're not sure which, since she started looking rashy after having both for dinner the night before.

And the rice is sort of keeping her system in a holding pattern.
So we're switching to oatmeal.

She's teething. "Any day now" said the doctor. There are three bumps, so hopefully we will have three teeth before long. We've had two sleepless nights so far.

But, all is not bad news - she's sitting up without help, and she's scootching backwards from time to time. And right now she is growling at one of her cloth books.


bonnie said…
AAAAH! yikes! and exciting!

Next thing you'll know she'll be walking & talking & it's all downhill from there!

Suddenly reminded of my 2nd favorite subway poem -

"Your daughter grows a tooth, then..."

can't remember the rest but you know the one I mean, right?

My favorite one was about blackberries & I can't remember any of it. Bummer.

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