No Day Like Today

Today was my niece, Izabella's first birthday.

Claire was adorable and pretty perfect the whole day. She smiled, and babbled and did all her little baby tricks. She whimpered a little when she was hungry, and I fed her, and then when she wanted to sleep, I strapped her into the Ergo, and swayed for a while, and she slept.

Then we came home, and the poor thing lost her shit for about 15 minutes, nursed terribly (ahem, ow, baby girl, can we discuss not pulling so much, please?) and then went to bed.

At the same time we were celebrating Izzy with cake and lasagna, I was thinking of my dad's cousin. She's in the hospital in San Francisco. She's 58, and has lung cancer. We just found out today, she won't be going home.

Funny how a day can be so happy and so sad all at the same time.


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