Well, that's what Claire has to say this morning.

It's 8am, and were both up and dressed. The cats are running rampant all over the apartment. Although I have cut off part of their path, by closing the door to her room. Heh. A nicer person would feed them and put them out of their feline misery, so to speak. I figure the person who is taking care of the baby doesn't also have to take care of the cats if she doesn't want to.

(Am I wrong for sort of slamming the bedroom door when I went to get Claire from the crib when she was crying? Nah, he could have gotten up and given me a little break. Nope, I got to deal with the heaviest poopy diaper on record. Ugh.)

Last night was good. We decided that after a week of wiggling free of the Swaddleme blanket, Claire might be ready to try the whole night in a sleep sack. The good news is she didn't wake up much more than she had been before. The bad news is that she still woke up hungry twice and pretty much for the day at 6:30.

Not much planned for the weekend.
Kayakboy is reclaiming his title as such today. It's been more months than I can count since he's been in a kayak. At least 5 since it was well before Claire was born. Last weekend we moved two of his boats back to where he has the best access and he's going out today. Claire and I will hang out here, and then we will all do something later, probably meeting up with Dalia and Milo at some point. (Milo is her sweetie pie of a dog, a schnoodle, and IMHO, the best dog on earth. He swoons when he sees me.)

And I want to go to the green market for some fall veggies.
So that is that.


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