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It's about 90 degrees today. Here it is, September 26, and I am wearing a tank top and shorts.

Clairebear is stylishly clad in a Pamper and a thin film of drool.

With the above words, I've finally jumped on the blogging bandwagon.
Sure I have a livejournal, but somehow this feels more like blogging to me.

I think she is taunting me. Yesterday we went to a Baby Bites lunch that I was actually interested in, about sleep and I learned all sorts of hints about getting babies to sleep better. She's fine at night, but daytime naps are a struggle. Usually she falls asleep on the boppy after nursing, and occasionally, we can get her into the crib. Today, nada.

Oh well.


bonnie said…
"Stylishly clad in a Pamper and a thin film of drool"...MOST EXCELLENT!

Yay, I can comment as me here!

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