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One year.

 Oh sure, I could quote something from Rent, and be the musical theater geek that you all already know I am. But I won't because that's trite, and I'm not in the mood for such things right now.  We've been in social distancing for over a year now.  Spring has come again, and it's lovely and green, and playing havoc with all my allergies. But, unlike last spring, I don't go as quickly to the panic place as I did last April. Now I panic less, and am trying to get my anxiety back under control.  I'm managing, I guess. Some days are better than others. Touch wood no one in my immediate family has gotten Covid, although there was a scare with my dad a while back. It was semi-serious, but not covid. It's May first today, and all the adults are vaccinated and we're starting to venture out into the world. We've spent time with my family, and shared hugs and we're planning to see Dave's family this weekend.  The kids are struggling with school, wi

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