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Corona Views - Week 2

Or is it really week 3? I'm losing track. 
Looking back at the calendar, Dave and I have been pretty much isolated for three weeks now. We had limited contact with the world. I got the kids to and from school but stopped everything else. He worked at the office that first day (Monday) but decided to work from home afterward. At that point, we were just being advised to steer clear of crowded places, like mass transit. 
Then the kids had one week home, where we filled in the gaps with educational games, YouTube videos of things we wanted to learn and lots of cooking.

This last week - everyone got into the new routine - remote school. It's not terrible, really. Ben seems to have a bit less on his plate at the moment. He has a modified schedule which includes a math lesson, and ELA lesson and an extra - gym, music, computers or art. He hasn't had much homework. All-in-all, this method of school seems to suit him. He can get up, and wander around if he needs to - much more than…

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